Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas has said that his friend’s achievements at Camp Nou will be “there forever” regardless of whether he retires in Catalonia or not.

No one can steal Messi’s legacy even if he leaves Barcelona, ??according to Cesc Fabregas.

Messi has been told he will leave the Camp Nou in the summer of 2021 after failing to activate his clause this summer he left behind.

“Not at all. Leo has been a big star and the fans know that. They can say, ‘Wow, he’s gone,'” the Blaugrana midfielder told Catalunya Radio.

“I think the day he leaves Barcelona – from the first minute – everyone will give him great value for all the things he has done during these seasons, no one can steal his legacy. It’s a thing that will stay there forever.”

Fabregas, who currently plays in Ligue 1 with Monaco, has also expressed his frustration with the way Messi is being treated at Barca recently, before admitting that he has liked his return to the team since September.

“It is not good to see people inside the club trying to hurt him, but in that sense, as a Catalan, I am happy he has stayed in Barca,” he added. “I do not know where the future will take him next summer. Nothing. “


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