Andrea Pirlo has “great respect” for Atalanta and Champions League rivals FC Porto, but has warned his team that they need to be “dedicated and focused in every game as the team needs consistency “.

“It is a difficult match against a difficult team, one that has been the reality of Italian football for several years now.” Pirlo told JTV.

“We have seen their progress not only in Serie A, but also in the Champions League, so it will be difficult to face them as we have to behave like a top club on the pitch.

“I am not surprised by their consistency, because they have been at this level for several years now, thanking the club and their coach. They are a reality and so we owe it to them to respect them.”

“Gian Piero Gasperini started there after leaving the youth academy at Juventus and has done a very good job of being the helmsman of this team. He is very specific in the way he plays and his ideas are paying off with results.”

Juve is trying to have a more attacking style of football under Pirlo’s management, as they failed to adapt to Maurizio Sarri’s ideas last season, even though they won the Scudetto.

“More than results, we need consistency and concentration, so in every game we have to approach the same, whether it is in the Champions League or in Serie A. When you have the same approach and inspiration you need results come one after the other.” .

“The team has improved especially in terms of having a more aggressive approach to the game to come to a positive result, following the ball faster and taking control of the game. We also need to improve our technical aspect, as we have a lot of wrong passes where more work is needed.”

“The only thing I am talking about with the team is concentration, because we are distracted in some moments of the match. If you are not in the game for 95 minutes, the match can be complicated. If you do not have the right concentration in every match, then you risk losing.”

Yesterday’s draw of the Champions League put Juventus again against FC Porto in the 1/8 of the final, a match that will take place in February.

“It’s a fair draw. When we reached this stage of the race, all the opponents were dangerous. We respect Porto and must deal with them with the right approach. There is still time for this, we will focus on the league now.”, the Juventus coach concluded at the end of the conference.


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