Andrea Pirlo has praised the work done by his players in the 3-0 victory over Dinamo Kiev in the Champions League and feels ready for the match with Barcelona.

Federico Chiesa, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata scored goals in Turin, in a match that Juventus played brilliantly, even after already qualifying for the 16th round.

Coach Pirlo was pleased with the performance of his players after the match.

“I am satisfied with the performance and we had the right psychological approach. Even if we are already qualified, we always have to play to win, so I saw the right performance of the team and it was a positive sign that we needed for ourselves,” said Pirlo.

Pirlo has also responded to criticism, as many Juventus matches have not shown results and are not at the top of Serie A.

“I know I’m young and I need to improve, so I try to continue my work one day at a time. That’s all I wanted to say.”

While he also praised the Spanish striker, Alvaro Morata.

“Morata arrived very young at Juventus, he came back from his experiences in Madrid and London a more mature person and player. He feels happy and without pressure, so he helps everyone to give their best. ”

There is still a small chance that Juventus can take first place in the match against Barcelona, ??but that they have to win by three goals.

“These were the easiest games to prepare for as a player, so I hope the same will be true as a coach. These matches really focus the mind, the motivation comes naturally and I feel ready. Before that, we have a derby to focus on Torino.”

The match between Juventus and Barcelona will be played on December 8 at the Camp Nou.


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