The Norwegian has not had minutes under Zinedine Zidane this season and is reportedly seeking a loan even though the coach is not leaving him.

Arsenal midfielder Dani Ceballos has encouraged Martin Odegaard to look at the possibility of leaving Real Madrid, while saying “new players need to play regularly”.

The 22-year-old is rumored to have applied to leave Madrid on loan and Ceballos, who is himself on loan to the Gunners from Real Madrid, has encouraged the Norwegian to follow in his footsteps and look for a team where he can play more.

“Young players need to play regularly,” Ceballos told EFE.

“At Real Madrid, I needed to know that I had equal opportunities. I was passionate about playing as much as possible.”

“I did not take minutes, but I realized that it is best to work and return the situation to my advantage by playing for another club.”

“If I did that (I went on loan) I would play again. There was no clearer situation.”

“I can tell you what happened to me in Madrid. I do not know exactly what will happen to Martin Odegaard, but it is clear that any player who wants to be successful in Madrid must use all the opportunities he has.”

Ceballos has played regularly under the orders of Mikel Arteta with the Gunners, making a total of 24 appearances this season since he had also played in the first season, almost regularly with the club from North London.

He, now, has given indications that he will not stay at Arsenal after this season.


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