France defeated Portugal 0-1 in Lisbon to take first place with 13 points. Croatia on the other hand remains in third place but it was defeated tonight by Sweden 2-1

Portugal-France 0-1

France has scored a significant victory tonight in Portugal, thus taking the lead in Group 3 of League A of the Nations. Portugal was France’s direct rival in this group and with today’s victory of France, practically with a draw France wins the group. The first half ended in a goalless draw, with Portugal being somewhat better than France. In the second half, France attacked more, and the goal came in the 53rd minute from N’Golo Kante. Despite the fact that the Portuguese led by Cristiano Ronaldo tried to equalize the result, they did not succeed and in the end France returns to Paris with 3 new points and 13 in total in Group 3 of the A League of Nations. The last match France will play against Sweden at home, while Portugal travels to Zagreb where it will face Croatia.

Sweden-Croatia 2-1

Sweden defeated the world runners-up 2-1, thus making a big step towards position 3 in the League of Nations. The Swedes were better in this match, especially in the first half, where they constantly attacked and scored both goals. Juventus striker Dejan Kulusevski would score in the 36th minute of the match while in the second extra minute of the first half Danielson also scored. In the second half Croatia attacked more and managed to narrow the lead in the 82nd minute with an own goal scored by Danielsson. After this victory, Sweden is in last place with the same points as Croatia which is in third place. In the last matches, Sweden play against the world champion, France in Paris, while Croatia will host the European champion, Portugal, at home. /Express newspaper/


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