France defeated Sweden 4-1 to win the 3rd group of the A League of Nations. Croatia, on the other hand, lost 2-3 against Portugal to continue their stay in the A League of Nations, thanks to France beating Sweden 4-2.

France-Sweden 4-1

France defeated Sweden 3-1 to win Group 3 of the A League of Nations. Sweden started the match better after scoring a goal in the 4th minute through Viktor Claesson. But, France came back quickly by reversing the result in the first part of the match. The score was tied in the 16th minute with Olivier Giroud, until Benjamin Pavard overturned the result in the 36th minute. In the second half Giroud would score in the 59th minute. Sweden would narrow the lead in the 88th minute of Quaison R., while the final goal in this match was scored by Coman in the 5th extra minute of the match. After this victory, France wins Group 3 of League A of Nations with 16 points, 3 more than Portugal, which is second with 13 points after beating Croatia. Sweden meanwhile in the new season of the League of Nations will play in the B League of Nations after finishing in last place with 3 points.

Croatia-Portugal 2-3

Croatia also lost its last match in the A League of Nations against Portugal in the group. Croatia has ended the season in the worst way in the League of Nations, scoring one victory from 6 matches played. The world runners-up started the season better as in the 29th minute Kovacic would score, with which result the first half would end. In the second half things would be difficult for the Croats as Marko Rog is sent off with red card in the 51st minute. The equalizer came in the 53rd minute where Ruben Dias scored. The Portuguese came to the first lead in this match in the 60th minute through Joao Felix, but five minutes later the Croatians would equalize with Kovacic. When it was thought that the match would end in a draw in the first extra minute for the Portuguese, Ruben Dias scored, to provide Portugal with 3 points that still did not help them much after they had lost the group and it belonged to France. Croatia, despite losing, remains in the A League of Nations, while Sweden, which lost 4-1 next season in this league, will compete in the B League of Nations.


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