Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has said that his team has a special DNA that has helped them win nine consecutive Serie A titles and has vowed that the whites will prove once again that they are the best.

Juventus ranks seventh in Serie A with 13 points after seven games, but continues to be unbeaten in the league under coach Andrea Pirlo.

Last season, Maurizio Sarri led the old lady to the ninth consecutive title in Italy and Agnelli says this was evidence of a special DNA that his team has.

“Rewriting history for nine years has become a charitable habit for those who have Juventus at heart.” said Agnelli.

“By changing the performers, starting with the technical leader Maurizio Sarri, Juventus has proved that it has a special DNA, in which only the desire to win surpasses the fighting spirit”, he added.

But he has admitted it was a difficult year and has vowed to prove that Juventus is the strongest team in Italy.

“New challenges await us and we are confident that we are ready and confident to face them. They will prove again what it means to be Juventus and the strongest.” he underlined.


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