Juventus has won its first trophy this year, defeating, Napoli, in the Italian Super Cup final. The first goal was scored by Ronaldo and the second by Morata while Insigne missed the penalty in the 80th minute.

Juventus has won the first trophy for this year by defeating Napoli. It was a balanced match with both teams having their chances to score.

The first half ended in a draw 0-0.

In the second, Juventus demanded more of the goal and before the first goal was scored in this match, Ronaldo and Kulusevski had several attacks towards Napoli and the gate of Ospina.

However, there was no goal until the 64th minute.

It was Cristiano Ronaldo who would score after a corner kick where his ball would go to him and he from a distance of two meters where he would beat Ospina.

Napoli started to get back in the game and for them there was a penalty that was awarded in the 80th minute but that Lorenzo Insigne failed to score by hitting the ball outside.

Juventus would have scored in the sixth extra minute of the match, a goal which gave them the final victory and it was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Overall Juventus was better than Napoli and had seven attaccs towards Ospina’s gate, but Napoli had more shots on gate than Juventus.

This is the first Juventus trophy to be won this year, while it is in the race for three more trophies: the Scudetto, the Italian Cup and the Champions League.


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