Spurs will play tomorrow against the Premier League champions as leaders of the table, until they have won seven of the first 12 games of this season

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has praised Tottenham’s performance under Jose Mourinho, saying the Portuguese manager has turned Spurs into a ‘results machine’.

The two teams are expected to face off on Wednesday to lead the table, with Spurs and Liverpool currently having the same level of points in the Premier League.

After losing their first game in the Premier League, Tottenham have reached 11 games without a loss, thus cementing their status as favorites to win the league.

Klopp has been impressed by the work his colleague has done at the North London club, saying those who thought Mourinho’s golden years were over turned out to be wrong.

“I’m not surprised, because the world we live in – you can only be successful until tomorrow,” Klopp told a news conference. “If you do not show it today, then people will not go after it. I do not think he is surprised by this as he has often shown that he knows how to get back. Very impressive what he has done at Tottenham, the way they play this year is very good.”

“He has turned them into a scoring machine, that is the reality. They have good performances even if they are not in top shape still win. They are defending collectively, that is very impressive.”


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