Milan technical director Paolo Maldini has said that the red and blacks will not give up the race for the title in Serie A this season.

The Red and Blacks are leaders in Serie A with 26 points from 10 games and are undefeated in 22 consecutive games in the league.

Maldini showed that he did not expect such a great performance and admitted that the results in 2020 could give Milan a chance in the battle of Scudetto.

“We are not looking for statistics to improve, but for success.” Maldini said.

“Honestly, I did not expect such a long run in the league, but I had already seen the signs in January, before the world stopped.”

Maldini also said that the Red and Blacks have set a goal to play better than last season, when the team qualified for the Europa League.

“The results of 2020 say that Milan will fight for the Scudetto.” he added.

“The minimum is to do better than last time. We qualified for the Europa League and the idea is to do more.”

“It would be absurd not to go to the Champions League, even if the ownership has not given us a contribution in that sense.”

He admitted that they are dreaming of the Scudetto and vowed that Stefano Pioli players do not intend to give up.

“Milan is dreaming of it and does not want to stop.” he continued.

“I always ask the players to be ambitious. You need an almost utopian goal to achieve that.”

Maldini also spoke about the title contenders and that he is afraid in case Inter rise, but admitted that Juventus are getting acquainted with the new methods of coach Andrea Pirlo and may return to the race, but he also added Napoli to the list of contenders.

“I expect a big increase for Inter, Juve have a new coach and they have to get used to new methods.”

“Juve, Inter, and Napoli will also fight for the Scudetto. We will not leave. For me, there is no change, I think about our path. We go our own way.”

But Maldini stressed that Milan will not ignore their task in Europe to focus only on Serie A.

“We fought so hard to play in it, it would be foolish to ignore it now.”


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