In international football it is the moment of Italy. Roberto Mancini has given another face to the blue representative.

This is shown by the names in the field, but also by the statistics. Last night, Mancini’s team managed to win against Bosnia with the figures 0-2 and secure the qualification for the Final Four that will take place in Milan.

Not only that, but they have recorded the best performance in the last 14 years. Yesterday was match number 22, where Italy does not lose.

Such a performance was recorded in 2006, when the coach was Marcello Lippi and recorded 25 games without defeat. A performance that will be proved by Mancini, who has brought Italy back in shape.

Also an interesting and very significant detail is the fact that Italy in the first formation of yesterday’s match, for the first time in 22 years had no Juventus player.


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