The former defender of the French National Team, who has faced the superstar of Barcelona and Juventus, has often talked about the skills of the two footballers.

World Cup winner, defender Adil Rami, has said that Lionel Messi can not be stopped and Cristiano Ronaldo is “a machine”.

The long-experienced defender, who is currently playing for the Portuguese team Boavista, has faced the two best players of all time several times.

He spent two years in Spain with Sevilla, 2015-2017, where he became more closely acquainted with the skills of Messi and Ronaldo in his encounters with Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“When Lionel Messi was on the pitch we knew there was nothing we could do. We can not defend, he always makes the right pass. “It’s a gift for football.”

“But what fascinated me about Ronaldo is his tireless work.”

“The first time I saw him was when I left Frejus and went to Lille. We were playing in the Champions League at the time. I saw him and said he is ‘amazing!’

“Later, I faced him more in La Liga… it was like a machine that does not stop.”

“After the match, I went to eat with my family and they asked me ‘so how was Ronaldo?’ I told you how difficult it is and surprisingly that after no point fat in his body.

“In the first match I was a little stressed. Unai Emery told me not to give him too much space, to stand up and cover him with pressure because when he attacks, everything ends.”

While Rami found it difficult to save Ronaldo he had him several times on the opposing team.

“From all the Messi and Ronaldo shirts I have, I could buy a villa in Los Angeles! For the first time, I went and asked Ronaldo, he agreed. We played again, I asked him again and he gave me the shirt again… and, he is super respectful as he took mine too”.


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