Jose Luis Chilavert, the former Paraguayan goalkeeper, has praised Barcelona and Argentina striker Lionel Messi, calling him a genius and alien.

Chilavert has sided with Messi in one of the hottest debates in Argentine football.

Due to his form with the national team, Diego Maradona is adored more than Messi in Argentina, but Chilavert does not agree at all.

“Messi is a genius. The rest of us are from planet Earth. When he needed it, everyone helped him and Barcelona gave him the contract he wanted, but the sacrifice that Messi and his family have made has made Messi stronger. He is a leader.” said the former Paraguayan goalkeeper.

For many people, to be a leader means to shout, to offend, but others like Messi, who can remain silent, do the work in training and in the locker room.

In Argentina he is expected to be cold because he has not won the World Cup and is compared to Maradona.

“But Maradona has not won even one percent of what Messi has won. When Messi takes the ball, he has five players in front of him and passes them all. Our society is unfair to Messi.” he added.


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