Lionel Messi and Dele Alli have been linked with a move to Paris Saint-Germain following the appointment of Mauricio Pochetino as head of the club, and the Argentine coach has not denied that he wants both players in the French capital.

The former Tottenham Hotspur coach was introduced on Tuesday by PSG before his debut on Wednesday against relegation-stricken Saint-Etienne.

“Every club is different and it is difficult to compare,” Pochettino told a news conference.

“It would not be objective for me to talk about Tottenham because I was there and now I am 100 percent committed to Paris.”

“We are not talking about a possible transfer but to adapt ourselves to the club and tomorrow we have matches.”

“But I have always said that in the future there will be time to talk about these things. A great player is always welcome at PSG.”

Asked what Neymar’s best position on the pitch is, Pochettino has stated that he will try to accommodate every player in his position on the pitch.

“When Neymar returns from injury we will help him show his best version,” added Pochettino.

“The system is just a starting point. “We are talking about movement, about organization.”

“We also listen to all the players to create a system in which everyone performs in the best possible way.”

“Leaders are leaders. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.”

“We have a group that has the skills to lead and the more they are on the field, in the locker room, in all the structures, the better it will be.”

Pochettino then praised the virtues of Kylian Mbappe and made it clear that the Frenchman will play where he can show his full potential.

“It is an extraordinary group with very good players, but this is not the news,” said Pochettino.

“A great player like Mbappe can play in many positions. Most important is the way he attacks and finds space. This is his way of behaving on the pitch.”

“We will find the best place for him to show all his qualities.”


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