Jose Miguel González Martín del Campo, Michel, thinks that Real Madrid also needs some players to build a better team for the future.

The Real Madrid legend thinks that with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real must definitely invest, something it has not done, except for the only big purchase, Eden Hazard, who is still not finding himself at Los Blancos.

“Mbappe or Haaland? I would use that money on four or five players. I like Haaland very much, he scores goals from every position. But Madrid needs four or five players. In the last two years (after Ronaldo’s departure), they have dropped 1/8 of the final from the Champions. They need more stability, this would strengthen the team,” said Michel.

He says he is surprised that Madrid still does not have a game identity with Zizu, despite the fact that they have won three consecutive Champions League trophies with him, over 10 in total in all competitions in a few years.


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