Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid could happen. The 22-year-old’s contract with PSG expires in 2022 and there are still no signs of renewal.

In Madrid they are sure that Mbappé will keep his word and wait. In June, everything will depend on the negotiations with PSG. All economic variables fit Madrid, even now that revenues have fallen 25% due to the crisis.

The club is expecting to benefit from 100 to 150 million euros from the sale of some players next summer. They are Isco, Ceballos, Bale, Jovic, Marcelo and Brahim.

The rest of the operation will be financed with a loan. The Madrid club in the eyes of the banks continues to have liquidity, so confidence in sound finances remains unwavering.

In addition, the club expects that next season, with fans in stadiums, revenues will return to the required level and they will increase to 800 million euros.


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