Lionel Messi scored the 644th goal in the official match with the Barcelona jersey and broke the record of the Brazilian legend Pele, who in his career has scored 643 goals with the Brazilian team of Santos.

But the latter do not agree with Messi’s record, as they insist that Pele’s goals with the Santos jersey are not calculated properly and that together with those scored in friendly matches, there are 1091 goals.

Through an official reaction, the Santos club recalls 448 goals scored in friendly matches, but all against the strongest opponents of the time, as they list names such as Inter, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ??etc.

“They want to unfairly take away 448 goals scored in friendlies, all against great opponents, some of the best of that time. “These are goals scored against teams such as America, Colo Colo, Inter, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Juventus, Real Madrid and even Barcelona itself”, it is said, among other things, in the statement of Santos.


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