Spain defeated Germany 6-0 to take the lead in Group 4 of the A League of Nations. Ferran Torres scored a hat-trick in this match while Morata, Rodri and Oyarzabal also scored a goal in this match.

Germany was defeated 6-0 at the Estadio de La Cartuja by Spain, thus losing first place in Group 4 of the A League of Nations.

Everything started well for Spain who scored three goals in the first half.

Alvaro Morata scored in the 17th minute while Ferran Torres doubled the score in the 33rd minute. In the 38th minute it was Rodri who scored the goal for the result 3-0.

In the second half two more goals were scored by Ferran Torres.

The sixth goal for the Spaniards came in the 89th minute from Oyarzabal.

Germany did not manage to do much in this match until in the end the result ended in favor of the Spaniards.

With this loss, Germany loses first place in Group 4 of the A League of Nations while Spain will be one of the four finalists of the A League of Nations.

The next match in this group, Switzerland-Ukraine has been canceled due to the pandemic, a match that was canceled by the Swiss authorities due to three cases tested positive in the Ukrainian team.


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