There is still no agreement between Barcelona and its players on salary cuts, due to the financial crisis.

Barcelona failed to reach an agreement with their players for salary cuts and, even after numerous meetings, again failed to convince them to accept.

The Spanish giant has announced that the pandemic has caused financial losses in the amount of 300 million euros, therefore it had planned to benefit from a reduction of 191 million euros through the reduction of the salaries of its footballers and to pay part of the debt with it.

The debt of the Catalan club is 800 million euros and Barcelona is obliged to pay half of it by August 2021.

Following the failure of the agreement, the parties agreed to meet November 23 again.

Barca has asked all players, including Lionel Messi, to accept a 30% pay cut.

The Catalans are ready to sell some of their players as early as the January transfer window to raise money.


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